Denmark, Vejen

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신장5'10" - 6" [175센티미터 - 185센티미터]
무게160 - 180 파운드 [70 - 80 킬로그램]
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18. 11. 2.
I want to be a bit of rain to quench your thirst. I want to become a snowflake to melt on your tender cheek. I want to be the moon to light, in the evenings, your path home. Every morning I want to be a sunny bunny to wake you up for work ... But most of all, I want to always be and remain your favorite.
18. 7. 27.
Who are you, stranger?
The most beautiful, passionate and sexual model asks you, that is me.

Кто ты, незнакомец?
Спрашивает тебя самая красивая, страстная и сексуальная модель, то есть я.
18. 7. 25.
thank you my darling. kiss you!!!!!
18. 7. 15.
Thank you very much, KISSES
18. 7. 10.
Спасибо милый друг